Cowboy Fashionista

Much like the rule about white shoes, Cowboys around here have a rule about straw hats:  Straw hats between Memorial Day and Labor Day only.

This is Cody in his work wear the week before Memorial Day.

My understanding is that this is mostly true in Cowboy Culture, or should I say Cowboy Couture. When it comes to his hat, my cowboy is fashion conscious, even if it means toughing out a few hot days in late May until Memorial Day arrives.

This is Cody in his work wear on Memorial Day.

Now, when I met him in 1995, he was mixing and matching black shoes and a brown belt… it was nearly a deal breaker for my fashion taste.  But, I was able to overlook the belt and shoe problem since this view was so much better.

18 thoughts on “Cowboy Fashionista

  1. My elderly cousin Betty Fort Webber, from the famous roping Fort family in Lea County, actually redresses a cowboy who is not wearing a straw hat in the summer. Or one who wears a straw hat in the winter. It matters that much to her and it tickles me. Fashion is a rule in every strata of life and cowboys take their style very seriously.

  2. Oh you sexist hussy! LOL only kidding! My straw hot disapears in cooler weather and returns in the early spring. I vwear my felt one during the winter for sure. My straw hat ia actually some sort of stiff matetrial that looks like a straw hat. I hated them at first but they do last forever. It’s a preformed Resistol hat. My old felt one looks more like a Hop-a-Long Cassidy rounded top job…very out of date for the dance hall cowboys!

    • Ah, yes, back in the posting saddle! Good one. With the days getting longer, we’re spending much more time outside–the computer is not nearly as appealing in this weather!

  3. I chuckle while my young cowboy tries to find that ‘just right’ crease and shape for his style. He experiments and asks my opinion every day. The thought that goes into a hat! It’s their signature, tho for the rest for their life. He even struck on one that looks like Cody’s hat shape–darn, already taken!
    Keep up the good work!

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