Love is in the…

The other day, love was in the barbed wire fence leading to the calves who were weaned just this fall.

MFR heart barbed wire fence

Finding the love and beauty that surrounds us, isn’t that what life is about?  There are barbs along the way but mostly it’s threads that are intertwined to create strong ties and lasting relationships.

I hope you enjoy it today and everyday!  Happy Valentine’s Day.

5 thoughts on “Love is in the…

  1. So….not knowing much about barbed wire (except to steer clear of it), could that heart have been intentional….??
    Love your message today – Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I am not really sure if this is normal. I’ve never really noticed the shape before which is why I stopped to take a photo. But, then again, I’ve been through that very gate before and had not noticed it previously, either! So, your guess is as good as mine!

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