Morrow roots run deep in Northeast New Mexico.  Grandfather Morrow arrived by train in the bustling town of Folsom, NM in 1891.  Since then, the Morrow family name has become synonymous with ranching, politics and the cowboy way of life.   The Morrows, six generations later, continue the tradition of raising their families and their herd in the same corner of the world.

I’m married to the Morrows.  Well, actually, just one of them.  But, it’s a family affair.

December 31, 2002

My in-laws live a few hundred yards down the road, as does Granny.   My husband works on the family cattle ranch for his dad. It’s a big job and there aren’t many days off.

I’m not integral to the cattle operation, really.  I help cook a meal when Granny or my mother-in-law need extra hands.  I can feed the bottle calves, but so can my daughter.  I’m not much on a horse.  I’ve been in the saddle once in the last 10 years or so.  And, that was only to sit on the horse to haze the steers while the guys practiced team roping.  What I’m saying is that if the guys are calling  me for help, there’s nobody else around and they’re desperate for the help. I stay out of the gate when the cowboys are trying to move cattle through and I always close the gate behind me–the first rules I learned at the Morrow Ranch!

janice july 2013I stay pretty busy.  I run a boutique PR and marketing agency from the living room of our ranch house.  I have clients around the state and I often make quick day trips for meetings or events.  But, mostly, I work on marketing plans and PR programs for non-profits, small businesses and government agencies right from home all while watching the horses, bulls and deer just outside my window.  This wasn’t my first career but it’s a good thing it worked out or I wouldn’t be married to a cowboy living this adventure!

I studied broadcasting in college and fully expected to take Katie Couric’s slot on the Today Show.

Me and Matt Lauer! This was as close as I came to Katie Couric’s seat on the Today Show.
The one and only day I anchored the news at KLBK. Apparently, I was the only one who wanted to work on Christmas Day.

That is until I worked in a small market for exactly one year and realized the dream I had since 7th grade was not the reality I experienced!  Local news was just not my cup of tea and there wasn’t room for human interest stories at the local level.

I met the cowboy in college.  He rode a big white horse and was super cute.

Cody roping in 1995.

He swore he would never have an address outside New Mexico and I swore I would be moving every two years until I made it to NYC.

So much for making my own plans.  Long story short, I ditched the hair and makeup chair (well, actually, I never got to sit in the hair and makeup chair) for a front row seat to a real ranch life–raising a kiddo, helping out when I can and being a really good cheerleader for the family business.

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. I loved my visit in August, especially having my granddaughter, Savi, involved with feeding the calves. It is such a beautiful place. Looking forward to my next visit with you. SueB

  2. Hi Janice — Congratulations on your blog: it’s good to see you expressing your life and thoughts in words and photography! Beautiful, clean site. I especially like this “About” biography. I look forward to your posts.

  3. Love your pics…being born and raised in N.M, and now living in Maryland, I love to see pics of good ‘ol New Mexico! 🙂 My husband’s side of the family are not ranchers, but they have all rodeoed most of their lives..so much fun when we go back home for a visit!

    • My in-laws have all rodeoed forever! My father-in-law knows everybody in the state and if he doesen’t he’ll figure out his six degrees in a brief conversation. Surely they know each other. I’m glad you are enjoing the photos. I need to remember to take a better camera when I leave the house so I can capture better photos!

  4. Funny how country life can turn a girl’s life around! And with ranches so far and wide, isn’t it wonderful to have the internet to connect to our fellow ranch wives?! Nice meeting you! Looking forward to following your blog!

    • I just read your About page. My daughter is much like you as a child, I think! She’s only six but she is imaginative and loves to wear her boots to town and her dress up clothes to the barn!. Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t been to Pittsburgh but I have extended family in western PA–Ohiopyle and Mill Run. The photos on your blog are beautiful!

  5. Janice… Amazing how we share such a similar past, dream, and current reality. Although I don’t look out the window at cows… When I see my kids rooms I sometimes think a rodeo has just left! Let’s catch up in person soon. Santa Fe?

  6. Hi, I have Morrow relatives. You mention grandfather arriving in 1891…from where? My great great great grandfather came to PA in 1847 from Tyrone, Ireland. And his brother in 1849. But I know a lot of the children left.

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