Wind breaker

The wind is blowing a gale.

These horses have a big red barn to keep warm but they love to take a break from the wind in front of this old chicken house.



Baby watch

These ladies are in the “nursery”–a little closer to home so somebody can keep a close eye.  They are first calf heifers meaning each will have their first baby in the coming days and weeks.

I love this time of year!  I am officially on baby watch.

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Sneaky horses

The horses love the cake feed for the cattle.  You have to keep an eye on the horses because while a nibble is a tasty treat, too much will make a horse very sick.

The other day, Cody filled his feed tubs before I asked him for some help.

The horses spied the feed tubs unattended. They thought they were so sneaky.


The ABC show called The Chew featured “Cowboy Cookin'” yesterday. That’s nice.

But, honestly, I have a problem with the way they portrayed cowboys and cowboy culture.  My experience is that cowboys don’t end every sentence with “yee-haw” and real cowboys certainly don’t wear hats that look like this:

Nice fashion hat but not a real cowboy hat.

Come visit a real working ranch where real cowboys live and breathe.  We’re real people.  We are educated and we are smart business people.  And, oh my gosh, we have real conversations all while wearing real clothes and ending our sentences like normal, educated people.  Oh, and we can cook like you wouldn’t believe.

Can I get a “Yee-haw” to that?