Cowboy Regalia

In keeping with Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee media blitz, I thought I’d share the American Cowboy version of regalia.

A cowboy’s rope, chinks, saddle, saddle blanket, boots, spurs, hat, conchos and so on are his version of regalia.

Saddle up

To the untrained eye, it looks like a cowboy is getting ready to ride.  Well, that’s true.  Cody is getting ready to move cattle in this photo.

But, nothing about how a cowboy prepares to ride is left to chance.  From the bit he chooses for today’s work to the direction his rope honda faces when tied to the saddle or how tight he pulls his cinch, it’s all a carefully organized process.

Each cowboy is different and has his own way to saddle up.

Freezing our assets

We’ve been anticipating the cold snap for about a week.  It was hard to think seriously about the cold because temperatures have been in the 70s the last few days.  Today, it’s 34 degrees and the first snow is beginning to fall.

Regardless of the weather conditions work must go on.  Preg checking is scheduled for tomorrow.  So, the guys are saddling up to work cattle in preparation.

This is nothing, though.  It’s a little cold snap, just the beginning of a long, cold winter.  The heavy winter wear has been unearthed.  We’ve thrown out the old gloves, caps and coveralls and made a place for this year’s stash.

I better get to town to get my cowboy the new coveralls we’ve been discussing.  I don’t want him to freeze his assets off again tomorrow.